Reinier Lagendijk

Reinier Lagendijk is a Dutch artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. He uses sculpture and installations to play with the malleability of nature, modifying the growth processes and moulding his works into predetermined forms. In his art, Lagendijk often creates a dialogue between nature and non-natural materials such as steel and plastic, a combination that reflects the cultivation of nature and landscape. Lagendijk creates poetic images, which often reveal a touch of comedy as well.

In the exhibition Alter Nature: We Can (21.11.2010-13.03.2011), Lagendijk will present one of his sitting Yuccas. With an understanding of longstanding plant modification techniques, Lagendijk creates poetic images that, which often come across as humoristic in the almost human dimensions they are given.


21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
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