Peter Hulsmans

In his work Peter Hulsmans (1964) describes and transforms our environment in a way that encourages us to reflect. Here objects and situ-ations which are so mundane that we hardly even notice them, reappear in their original peculiarity. The work invites the viewer to experience himself and his environment more consciously.

Hulsmans uses all sorts of media such as video projections, photos, installations and sculptures. In a number of recent projects the artist confronted real environments in the public space with a series of prints of manipulated details from images, sometimes in combination with text. In this way Hulsmans' contribution to the project (They say this is the) Place in 2001 questio-ned the special characteristics of specific locations around Sint-Jansplein in Antwerp and the structures which ensure that people are allocated a certain fixed location in the urban environment. In the context of the Tracer project (2003) the artist placed six billboards with prints at various locations in the rural borough of Ename. The artefacts and places depicted on the posters referred to activities in other locations. In this way the isolation of the village was symbolically broken down and this reminded us that Ename is in fact a road junction which acquired its own special character through these external links.

In a recent solo presentation in CIAP Peter Hulsmans displayed objects which appeared to be both familiar and strange. For example, a cruciform cardboard object on wheels somehow remind us of an aeroplane. But can one simply describe it as an aeroplane? In another work the shape of the seat of a chair is repeated in ten plaques made of different coloured resins. The object is deprived of its function, and the chair loses its obvious role. Consequently you can approach it purely visually as a coloured shape in space. Or you can reflect on what a chair is, and how this object conditions our way of life. Hulsmans places our familiar environment in inverted commas. By doing this he creates room for reflection on the complexity and stratifi-cation of every reality. 

- Peter Pollers


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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