From his hometown of Antwerp, Panamarenko acquires, from the late '60s, national and international reputation as a creator of fantastic happenings, flying objects, and drawings.

Three elements make Panamarenko one of those very exceptional, incomparable artists. Panamarenko, like no other, succeeded in linking the technical-scientific to the poetic; his artworks are not the mere creations of an engineer, and his poetic objects are indeed underpinned by a thorough scientific knowledge.

He is able, through his unbridled imagination, to deal with the rules, laws, and usages of science, art, and society in an inventive and entirely free manner, which results in an almost legendary uniqueness.

Panamarenko is also one of those exceptional artists who – like, for instance, Joseph Beuys – make no division between life and work. His pseudonym Panamarenko is in this respect a small yet significant detail.

Source:Deweer Gallery


Panamarenko - Bing of the Ferro Lusto
Panamarenko 01
Panamarenko 02


17.02 to 19.05.2013
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