Maria Roosen

Maria Roosen (1957) mainly uses glass in her sculptures and installations. To do this she works closely with a glassworks where the glass is blown into a wide range of shapes in accordance with her instructions. The round sensual forms the artist chooses are often based on everyday objects such as milk jugs or shoes, and on body parts like eyes, feet and breasts. She enjoys playing with themes such as physicality and sensuality. The figures are usually brightly coloured or have a reflecting surface.

In her installations Maria Roosen often works with repetitive elements. For her work Roosenkrans (1997) for example, she strung together dozens of different sized glass eyeballs to form a giant chain. This motif of the chain is also found in enlarged versions of charm-bracelets with everyday, familiar shapes like an anchor, a key and a ladybird. These charms refer to memories of pleasant and significant moments in a human life.

In other works the glass elements are loosely arranged on the floor, as if they had been sown. The theme of sowing and harvesting also appears frequently in Roosen's work. But her work is not only the consequence of conscious decisions. Sometimes unexpected elements present themselves during the creative process and these are then organically integrated. According to the ar-tist one cannot decide on everything in advance.

At the Over de mensen en de dingen exhibition in Z33 her work included Gele klompen and Melkkan met kabeltrui (1996). The artist literally 'dressed' an ordinary milk jug in a made-to-measure white woollen jersey. This playful gesture cannot but affect the viewer.

- Katelijne Beerten


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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