Marcel Hoeben

After graduating as an interior designer, Marcel Hoeben (1963) explored both fine and applied art, as well as the borderline area that separates them. As a member of the collectives De Elf and Labo, he helped to create acclaimed exhibition designs as well as regularly presenting new work at group exhibitions. He also works for the ngo Artisit.

In his work Hoeben plays with perception as the inevitable combination of observation and attaching meaning. In his view, psychotic hallucinations are systems of imagination found in everyone. He provides the observer with several stimuli thus initiating a flow of ideas and associations.

In this way the observer's involvement in the work is both intellectual and instinctive, and this activates his psyche. For Freespace Limburg the artist produced a work about virtual and actual imagination entitled Within black domes, white marble. This odd installation comprises several different elements. The observer is immediately struck by the three domes of assembled umbrellas which create an image that is both surprisingly simple and intriguing. The text of the title is displayed at eye-level on the wall, and a display case on a plinth contains a white sculptured stone lying on red overalls. In this work Hoeben was inspired by an observation he made a number of years ago. He was sitting on a chair at a table alone at his parents' house focused entirely on himself. On his chest he spied a transparent white illuminated snake-like shape observing him. At that point the telephone rang and he felt the illuminated shape shoot away off his chest.

For the second part of the exhibition Marcel Hoeben decided to work together with Peter Weidenbaum, an artist who had already exhibited his work before in Freespace Limburg. Moreover, on Weidenbaum's website he was immediately struck by the sculpture Schizophrenia, a bronze bust in which dozens of fingers appear to be growing out of a person's head and upper body. He saw this as a poignant image of the forces welling up from one's own psyche which can come and haunt you.

- Liesbeth Huybrechts


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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