Maarten Vanden Eynde

Maarten Vanden Eynde (°1977) is a Belgian artist, living and working in Rotterdam (NL), Brussel (BE) and Saint Mihiel (FR). VandenEynde’s artistic practice consists out of sculpture, video, photography, installation and performance, and is often context related. From the perspective of changes brought about by globalisation, Vanden Eynde asks question about evolution; what is progress? Are we moving forward? Where to? And why did we start moving in the first place?

During Alter Nature: We Can, Z33 shows Zoology of Genetology, one page or quire of a large publication about Genetology ( The book is focussing on a different existing branch of science in every quire and putting it in relation to Genetology, a self invented science of First Things, creating an opposition for the existing dominant  science of last things, Eschatology. Genetology’s main area of research is our fascination with time and its consequences: How will we look back to the past in the future? What will be left over from the present? For every new page that is published, a text is written by a different author, relating to the topic. In Zoology of Genetology, exhibited in Alter Nature, a text by Alan Weisman is reprinted. Earth Without People originally appeared in Discover Magazine, February, 2005.


21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
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