Koen Vanmechelen

The Cosmopolitan Chicken project includes the worldwide experimental project with which Koen Vanmechelen hopes to develop a super-hybrid chicken. Crossbreeds clearly play an essential role in Vanmechelen's work, not only in chickens but also in materials and disciplines. Topical themes such as genetic manipulation, cloning, globalisation and 'multiculturalness' are found throughout his work. An important lateral project is the search for the Red Jungle Fowl, the primal chicken which is still found in Asia. Vanmechelen likes to describe his work in Hegelian terms: thesis, antithesis and synthesis. The chicken and the egg are a metaphor for the human race and art.

Rose Van Doninck


Genetic Genius
Battle for the Egg
Red Jungle Fowl
Some Take, Some Make
Z33 Kunstbox - Koen Vanmechelen - Genus XY
Chicken #3
Chicken #2
Kunstbox - Koen Vanmechelen - GenusXY


10.10 to 31.12.2004
17.11 to 02.12.2012
17.11 to 02.12.2012
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