Katrin Spranger

Katrin Spranger (°1976, DE) is working freelancing as a jewellery designer and artist in London (GB). She was trained in traditional jewellery as a goldsmith in different studios in Lübeck and Hamburg (DE), before joining HAWK University of Applied Science and Arts in Hildesheim (DE). She completed her Master of Fine Arts studies in 2011 at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm (SE).

Katrin is investigating on the future of jewellery, according to sustainable consciousness and her experimental attitude. She questions what materials will become as precious to be used in jewellery. Katrin always tries to push the boundaries of what jewellery can be by researching and exploring the beauty of rare materials.


Katrin Spranger - Best Before (filmstill Manon de Boer)
Katrin Spranger - Best Before (halssieraad)
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