Karin Arink

The relationship between the self and the other plays a central role in the work of Karin Arink (1967). She examines how this relationship expresses itself in posture, language, signs and clothing. Here the attention to the physical, social and mental condition of the self in relation to the other is of central importance. She incorporates her ideas about this into sculptures, photos, words, drawings and her personal website.

Physicality is a crucial element in Arink's work. One of the things she refers to is the body art of the seventies. Initially she mainly explored the skin as the medium between the self and the world. In many of her sculptures, textiles and clothing are seen as a second skin, which does not serve to define the boundary with the outside world, but in fact creates a bridge between the self and the outside world, between the self and the other. She invites the observer to crawl into a textile sculpture - and therefore into her skin, as it were.

In addition to exploring the skin as the external boundary of the body, Arink also focuses on internal physical sensations. She translates these experiences into sculptures of bodies which seem to explore their physical limitations, resulting in extreme poses and proportions.

The body continues to be an important element for Arink; however, in her recent work she sees physical awareness as only one of the influences which determine the self. This change of direction was partly inspired by the realisation that it is probably not possible to have a purely physical experience of the body.

The body cannot be strictly separated from the mind. Moreover, man is a social being. He also lives under the gaze of the other. On her website the artist expresses this in the following words: "I examine different ways in which the 'I' manifests itself towards the 'other' [...] this leads to experiencing the self. The awareness of my own existence, in the eyes of the other, your eyes: the observer." - Katelijne Beerten


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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