Jorge Léon

Leon studied film in Brussels (INSAS). Afterwards, his interests led him into the documentary field as a director and photographer. He worked with Wim Vandekeybus, Thierry De Mey, Xavier Lukomski, Benoit Lachambre and Meg Stuart as a photographer and video maker. As a dramaturge he collaborated with choreographer and dancer Simone Aughterlony. Leon’s photographic works and installations have been exhibited and published in Belgium and abroad. His productions as documentary director include De Sable et de Ciment (2003), Vous êtes ici (2006), and Between two chairs (2007). His latest films 10 Min. (2008) and Vous êtes servis (2010) have been presented at film festivals worldwide and were awarded on several occasions


Jorge Léon - Crowd video


04.02 to 13.05.2012
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