Jeroen Van Bergen

My work is based on the measurements of the standard toilet as laid down in the Dutch building act. The application of this measurement forms the norm for the smallest inhabitable space in a building. The standard toilet is at least 110 cm wide, 90 cm long and 260 cm high. Together these measurements form one module within my system. I consistently apply this system, known as the 'toilet modulair', by first repeating the modules and then stacking them in several storeys.

My installations develop from my own spatial experience of existing buildings. Unlike architecture, the only function of my installations is to create space. Ultimately these space are not inhabitable. The main issue in realising my work is the actual making.* Within the restriction I impose by way of the standard measurement of my system, I find a maximum freedom in the application of its unlimited possibilities. More-over I also occupy myself with the question: how can I make the observer more aware of space? In this way I aim to bring the viewer into contact once again with the aspects of light and time.

I wall in spaces with a cavity wall 30 cm thick. The wall contains a front door opening with fixed measurements of 210 x 90 cm. The rear section has an opening for the toilet window with fixed measurements of 45 x 70 cm. This can be repeated a number of times depending on the number of storeys there are. On the sides there are no windows or door openings. For the small-scale models I use cardboard, wood or even miniature bricks made to scale. For the models with a scale of 1:1 I use other materials ranging from wood to concrete. For the openings (doors, windows and cavity walls) I use no materials as they are completely empty spaces. This is also generally true of the interior. The most important aspect is the interplay of proportions between the model and the space around the model, and between inside and outside. I seek space as the minimum basis for experience, a timeless final image. - Jeroen van Bergen (1979)

* 'In architecture the main issue is not so much what we use to build a house or the house we build, but the building itself. ' Dom Hans van der Laan


Proefmuseum FLACC, Genk
Proefmuseum maquette
Proefmuseum tekening
Toilet modulair 001, 'gipslab'


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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