Ilkka Halso

Ilkka Halso lives and works in Orimattila, Finland. He studied at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and graduated in1992. Since then he has been working as an independent artist.

Museum of Nature is the next step in a continuum of imaginative nature restoring projects, which started in 2000 with the Restoration series, which was about restoring single nature objects by means of technology and building skills.
The Museum project takes this one step further. It visualizes shelters, massive buildings where big ecosystems could be stored. These massive building protect forests, lakes and rivers from pollution and what is more important from actions of man himself. At the same time Halso studies different aspects of mans relation to nature as a unique and endangered place. The project is based on a pessimistic vision of what is happening on earth.

While putting nature into a museum you have to take under consideration aspects of audience / consumer. Nature becomes a joyride for tourists or a beautiful landscape turns into a meditative theatre show.


Ilkka Halso - The Museum of Nature
Ilkka Halso - The Museum of Nature


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02.10 to 31.12.2011
02.10 to 31.12.2011
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