Hacking Households

Hacking Households (Jesse Howard, Thibault Brevet, Andrea Anner, Corallie Gourguechon, Leonardo Amico, Jesse Kirchner) is an ongoing collaboration between independent designers exploring alternative production methods for everyday things. In their first project,

Programming Objects, conceptualised in the framework of the BIO 50 Biennal of Design in Ljubljana (SI), they researched the consequences of bringing open software systems into the world of open hardware appliances.

Hacking Households was extended with "Cloning Objects", a project in which they try to answer the question of how an object can control its own reproduction. Moving away from a top-down approach from corporation to consumer, they aim at creating an ecosystem where objects are designed, developed, and produced democratically within open communities. 


30.09.2016 to 08.01.2017
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