Fransje Killaars

The installation Geweven bed which Fransje Killaars (1959) set up for the Over de mensen en de dingen exhibition in Z33 could not help but affect every spectator. The brightly coloured threads with which she made the installation often brought a spontaneous smile to the visitor's face.

Coloured threads ran from high up on the wall down to the floor. Under this waterfall of colours were groups of pillows and blankets. The pillows might have tempted a number of visitors to briefly relax in this soft heaven of colour and light were it not for the sign saying 'please do not touch the exhibits'. Even though people were not allowed to lie down in this installation, the warm materials and the attractive play of colour must have elicited a physical experience in a great many spectators as they imagined themselves in this installation.

If one follows the threads towards the floor one sees that the threads merge into a piece of fabric. One that might simply be further woven to form a bed, like the blankets of the installation which cover the floor and the wall. This initial stage of a piece of fabric shows the viewer the boundary where the material of the warp thread merges into the image of the bed.

Fransje Killaars is passionate about using the features of fabrics and textiles to make people feel a certain space through all their senses and to seek the link between material and image. This indicates that she no longer belongs to the generation of artists who use textile art to take them out of the sphere of 'inferior' feminine arts-as-hobby. This is because her textiles have become a source of possibilities rather than a symbol by which to criticise the position of women, both in general and in the world of art. Materials give her the opportunity to develop colour installations for the given space. In her works she makes full use of the intense colours that are so typical of her palette. Her installations comprise all sorts of references to modern art, architecture and classical music.

In addition to these references, her main source of inspiration is the daylight that enters the space and emphasises the intense colours of her work, transforms the space and gives a new meaning through the medium of the observer. The work is created and placed in the space so that the observer physically experiences the daylight and the colours. Like the bright colours, the reference to the history of the space and the materials used is always very prominent. In her own way Fransje Killaars completely submerges the observer in a world of spatial and sensual per-ceptions. Moreover, when the viewer, wearing a pair of coloured shoe covers, moves around the space he soon begins to feel and become one with it. 

- Jurgen Gaethofs


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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