Eppo Dehaes

At Freespace 2004 this artist (and radio programme-maker) presented a cross section of a situation in which recording equipment had been set up in one room and in another room was a recording studio. Cables connect the two rooms. Here Eppo Dehaes shows us an artist's mental and physical studio. The objects, materials and sounds in the first room are as light as a feather, traces of his everyday surroundings and activities. It is here that he makes art. However, the title, which comes from a blues song, is a thorn in the flesh and makes us look for a hidden drama. The cables lead us to the next room where it is not drama at most nostalgia that can be felt. A sculpture of an unused radio studio embodies a look back to a time and form in which dreams could lead anywhere. A synthesis took the shape of a mixer at the back where the aesthetics of cables, sounds and musical references from the workroom come together. Simple, but far more than that.

Liesbeth Huybrechts


10.10 to 31.12.2004
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