Edith Dekyndt

The projects of Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt are focused on the occupation of space, experiencing its meaning and contents, the particularities of space itself. Using images, texts, videos, and simple technical solutions the artist raises questions relating to both the individual and global positions of people in society. Whatever the form is, the work is completed with modest tools arising from everyday life (music, paper, neons, texts, threads...). 

Edith Dekyndt's work explores the limits of the relationship between art, science and reality.


Edith Dekyndt - Major Tom
Edith Dekyndt - Major Tom 01
Edith Dekyndt - Major Tom 02
Edith Dekyndt - Major Tom 03
Z33 FEEST - Masterclasses - Edith Dekyndt


17.02 to 19.05.2013
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