De Andere Markt

The Other Market, founded in 2015, is a participatory platform that wants to brainstorm collectively on the future of work. Departing from the potential of the local labour market, they portray the talents of Genk citizens and map the social and economical networks of local enterprises. The Other Market organises open labs in which they collaborate with local inhabitants, creatives, organisations and policy makers, to devise, design and execute new workspaces and methods. From a bottom-up approach, they question traditional labour scenarios and develop alternatives from a local perspective.

During MANUFACTUUR 3.0, Ben Hagenaars (BE) and Pablo Calderon Salazar (CO), both active at The Other Market, will work on a project combining food production and waste management, following the principles of the circular economy. The ambition of the project is to develop and test different processes to cultivate edible mushrooms from coffee grounds, starting from the local skills. 


30.09.2016 to 08.01.2017
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