David Huycke

David Huycke (1967, Sint-Niklaas) is the most important contemporary silver artist in Flanders and one of the leading names in Europe.

In his recent work and research, Huycke explored the traditional hallmarks of granulation, with the aim of uncovering the present-day possibilities and significance of this age-old technique. In 2010, he completed this PhD research at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Hasselt University. The defence will take place on 24 September and the public opening of the exhibition on 1 October, both at the Z33 in Hasselt.

Huycke teaches at the PHL University College, and has been a guest lecturer at a number of prestigious European and American institutes. His work is on display in various European exhibition spaces, and has been included in many important private and other collections.


David Huycke’s PhD dissertation in the arts is entitled The Metamorphic Ornament: Re-Thinking Granulation - Een onderzoek naar de transformatiemogelijkheden van granulatie naar sculpturaal zilverwerk [A study into the possibilities of transforming granulation into sculptural silver work].

Duration: 2006–2010

Faculty of Architecture and Arts (FAK), KU Leuven/ Media, Arts and Design Faculty, Hasselt University

Supervisors: Prof. Leo De Ren, PhD (KU Leuven), Prof. Marjan Sterckx, PhD (Hasselt University and Ghent University)
Co-supervisor: Luk van der Hallen (Hasselt University)
Artistic supervisor: Michael Rowe (Royal College of Art, London)


Dissimilar Pearl Sphere
Kissing Spheres #2
 Kissing Spheres #3 bis
Fractal Chaos
Fractal Piece
Order & Chaos # 1
 Pearl Chaos
Imitanulation #1


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