Andy Gracie

Andy Gracie’s work is concerned with information systems contained within living organisms and ecosystems and how they may be accessed and processed through the use of technology. He is interested in using organisms as data processing systems in an effort to extract meaning and to examine how forms of robotic entity can become immersed in living networks. This interest extends to examining how organic and inorganic systems can be wired together through various channels, where communication and presence are realised by agency.

His work has always been linked to scientific practice as both contextual and methodological reference, and as subject of critique. The natural sciences in general have formed the basis of this influence with a special emphasis on life sciences and biotechnology. More recently this has begun to express itself through the relatively new science of astrobiology and its concomitant theories on the very origins, constitution and boundaries of life. 

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Andy Gracie - Drosophila Titanus
Andy Gracie - Drosophila Titanus 02


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17.02 to 19.05.2013
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