Adam Zaretsky

Adam Zaretsky is an American artist who works with biology,  performance and research. He is fascinated by living systems, the exploration of life’s mysteries, and life itself. He also focuses on the legal, ethical and social implications of biotechnological materials and methods. Zaretsky may be described as an artist provocateur, given his very explicit way of raising pertinent issues through his work.

The Alter Nature: We Can (21.11.2010-13.03.2011) exhibition will present Zaretsky’s ‘Transgenic Orange Pheasant project’, in which he proposes the setup of a ‘Royal Dutch Transgenic Breeding Facility’ in a letter to His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander. The pheasants bred here could be shot during the royal hunt, Zaretsky posits, thereby questioning the subject of designing nature: What and to what aims, he asks, can humankind implement its own design?


Adam Zaretsky - Orange pheasant project 02 (2008)
Adam Zaretsky - Orange pheasant project 03 (2008)
Adam Zaretsky - Orange pheasant project 01 (2008)
Adam Zaretsky – the Transgenic Orange Pheasant project 04 (2008)


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21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
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