Zoom In Zoom Out - Z33 contemporary art & design projects collected

Zoom In Zoom Out is the third publication by and about Z33. The first edition was a compilation of the first two years of Z33 (2003-2005), the second publication (2006-2007) gave a comprehensive report of the exhibitions and activities of Z33.

This third edition brings together six exhibition projects, from No. 14 (2006) to No. 19 (2008), with more than 130 artists, designers, architects, scientists and researchers - from Martí Guixé to Laszlo Moholy-Nagy to Studio Job, from Marina Yee to Ann Veronica Janssens to Ryoji Ikeda - in text and pictures.

Artistic Director Jan Boelen wrote the introduction the book. Claire Warnier gives in 'The Art of Design' a preview of the core disciplines of Z33. Geert Zagers further zooms in and out of Z33, exhibitions, production orders and the presented art works with interviews, essays and a glossary. The graphics and image editing are by Julie Peeters.

Zoom In Zoom Out - Geert Zagers, Julie Peeters - Mer Publishers in coorporation with Z33 - Dutch / English - 2008 - ISBN 978 90746 0500 7

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